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The OWL Diet is a Low Calorie Diet of approximately 800 calories per day, combined with mild to moderate exercise and the use of one or more prescription medications to help you achieve your weight loss goal.

OWL stands for “Omaha Weight Loss” since Omaha Nebraska USA is the birthplace of this highly effective weight loss plan.

The OWL Diet was developed by Dr. Carter Abbott, a family physician, who needed to lose weight. The diet worked for him, and his wife too. And they have learned how to keep their weight off permanently!

The pictures below show Dr. Abbott and his wife Lenore – before and after they lost over 40 pounds between the two of them.

Dr. Abbott and his staff are truly amazing! They helped me lose weight that I’ve struggled with before coming to them. The staff are great coaches and a support team. They are angels in my eyes and helped me achieve so much. Thanks for all you do!

A.C. woman age 28

Every year my husband and I vacation on our Harley motorcycles. Dr. Abbott’s OWL Diet is the best aid to ensure that our vacation ride is comfortable and we have the energy to play from the early morning to evening. Being at an optimal weight is the difference between going along with the crowd or choosing to lead the pack.

J.G. woman age 58

All pricing options include:

  • Initial Consultation with Health Care Provider
  • Education on the diet plan, training on the proper use of prescription medication
  • Weekly visits with OWL Diet trained nurses and medical assistants for weigh-in, monitoring, coaching and support
  • Use of prescription Hcg shots or Hcg transdermal cream ($75 credit if you choose to not use Hcg)
  • Injectable Vitamin B-12
  • The OWL Pak – daily vitamin packets containing required vitamins and supplements (garcinia cambogia, linoleic acid, B-complex, fiber, calcium, vitamin D and potassium)
  • A copy of Dr. Abbott’s  book – The OWL Diet, with 2013 Diet Revisions

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One Month  (4 weeks) $500 covers the cost of all of the above for 4 weeks  Interest Free Financing – $350 now, $75 in 3 weeks and $75 in 6 weeks

Two Months  (8 weeks) Additional months normally cost $350. Commit to 2 months and Save $150 – $700 covers the cost for 8 weeks!  That means the second month has only cost you $200. Interest Free Financing – you pay $350 now, $175 in 3 weeks and $175 in 6 weeks

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One Month  (4 weeks) Each person pays $400 for 4 weeks and Saves $100

Two Months  (8 weeks) Each person pays $700 for 8 weeks and Saves $150 – Interest Free Financing – each person pays $350 now, $175 in 3 weeks and $175 in 6 weeks

Consultations are Free – Participation is Optional!  If you are ready to get serious about weight loss, and lose the weight once and for all – then please call us.  We can help you.

Additional Months

One Month (4 weeks) Each person pays $350 for 4 weeks – Interest Free Financing – $200 now and $150 in 2 weeks
Save $150 on a Two Month (8 weeks) commitment Pay only $550!  – Interest Free Financing – $350 now, $100 in 3 weeks, $100 in 6 weeks

For more information about Omaha Med Spa click here or Call us at 402-614-5556  or email us at

Taking Breaks – during a 4 week cycle you may take a break from the diet – for a day, a weekend, a week or even 2 weeks.  Between completed 4 week cycles you may also take a break.  This way, when you commit to 2 cycles (4 weeks per cycle) you can “bank up” your additional months for use at a later date.

You lost your weight but have gained back 10-20 pounds – Call us and come back for an additional month, or 2 months on The Owl Diet.  You only pay the “First Month” rate once in your lifetime!

Dr. Abbott talks about his story of losing weight, as seen on CBS TV – KMTV Omaha  “The Morning Blend”